Ye Adjuration of Great Cthulha

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh Wgah'nagl fhtan.

A supplication to great Cthulhu for thsoe who would have power over his minions.

In the day and hour of the moon with sun in scorpio prepare thou a waxen tablet and enscribe thereon the seals of Cthulhu and Dagon; suffumigate with the incense of Skauba and set aside.

On Hallowmas ever thou must travel to some lonely place where high groun overlooks the ocean. Take up the tablet in thy right hand and make of the sign of Kish with thy left. Recite the incantation thrice and when the final word of the third utterance dieth in the air cast thou the tablet into the wave saying:

In His House at R'lyeh Dead Cthulhu waits dreaming,
yet He shall rise and His kingdom shall cover the Earth.
And He shall come unto you in sleep and show his sign with which ye shall unlock the secrets of the deep.

Ye Incantion

O Thou that lieth dead but ever dreameth,
Hear, They servant calleth Thee.
Hear me O mighty Cthulhu
Hear me Lord of Drams!
In the tower of R'lyeh They have sealed ye,
but Dagon shall break Thy accursed bonds,
and Thy Kingdom shall rise once more.
The Deep Ones knoweth Thy secret Name,
The Hydra knoweth They lair;
Give forth Thy sign that I may know
Thy will upon the Earth.
When death dies, Thy time shall be,
and Thou shalt sleep no more;
Grant me the power to still the waves,
that I may hear Thy Call.

(At ye third repeating of ye incantation canst forth the Tablet into ye waves saying);
In His House at R'lyeh Dead Cthylhu waits dreaming, yet He shall rise and His kingdom shall cover the Earth.

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