The Silver Spirals

GreenHome & Mother
AerUranus Cold & EccenticCitrine
AerNeptuneChaotic / Rhythm CurvesOlive
Fyr ( Neptune ) Fruitful / Nervous
Fyr Pluto Explosive and Irreversable Changes Russet
Fyr Adonis Overt Oracle ( Divination ) Umber
Water Chronos' Satellite Experimentation Synthetic peach
Earthe Chronos Home and FatherSilver Grey
Earthe Fertilis Beauty & Birth Pink
DaémonVulcan Speed Forging Orange Yellow
DaémonHyperion Vital & IndirectPlatinum
DaémonSolarion Speed & DirectGold
DaémonMercury Speed Excitable Orange
PhysikosVenus Beauty & Love
PhysikosEarth Citrine Olive Umber Russet
AitherLuna Reflection & ChannelSilver
AstrumMars Overt Warrior ( Action ) Red
AstrumCeres Explosive and SeedingDark Blue
Astrum(Jupiter) Fruitful & Expansive
MentumJupiter Full / Even Curves Blue
MentumSaturn Cold & ConstantBlack
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