The Martial Serpents of the Oktogrammaton

Shumma Diety
Martial SerpentFinger State of MindColorAnimalTrustTaskDietyBeast
BALCAN left index Nergal Energy Red Bull Secret Bare Ariton Scorpion
BALCAN Left little Irtsiti Stability Black Python Tempt Build Asmodeus Dragon
EA right middle Adar Restriction Violet Elephant Fervor Fiery Amaymon Turtle
EA right index Niberu Expansion Blue Stag Lord Fly Beelzebub Horse
KIGAL left ring Inanna Affection Green Panther Tinkling Impel Paymon Owl
KIGAL left middle Nanner Reflection Silver Fish Place Stones Maggot Wolf
ANU right ring Shammash Creativity Gold Lion Image Rising Oriens Bear
ANU right little Nebo Intellect Orange Hawk Assemblies Flocks Ashtaroth Serpent

The Great Cross and The Great Axis

Cross Axis Planet Energy Color
Thought Magic Earth Stable Black
Thought Vitality Saturn Energy Red
Feel Knowledge Mercury Intellect Orange
Advice Wealth Sun Create Yellow / Gold
Being Magic Moon Reflect White / Silver
Being Vitality Venus Affection Green
Advice Knowledge Jupiter Expand Blue
Feel Wealth Saturn Restrict Purple

Zone of Neptune

Restrict Lead Saturn Adar Discipline Violet Amethyst Black Male Square
Stable Brass Earth Chthon Introspection Black Obsidion Multi-Colored Female Moon
Energy Iron Mars Nergal Force ... Bloodstone Red Male Triangle
Intellect Mercury Mercury Nebo Communication ... Carnellian Orange Female Circle
Create Gold Sun Shahash Authority Gold Tigerseye Yellow Male Square
Reflect Silver Moon Nanna Change Silver Moonstone None Female Moon
Affection Copper Earth Ninsianna Pleasure ... Malachite Green Male Triangle
Expand Tin Jupiter Marduk Good Fortune ... Sodalite Blue Female Circle
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