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I am not available for private, or public teaching of this material.

I don't have a reading list, per se. The following material might provide some background on ceremonial magick. I don't know which, if any, are still in print. [ If you really want them, there is a book dealer in Florida, whose name I forge can probably get them for you. Of course, they will cost more than a widow's mite. Probably will cost more than the traditional 13 ounces of silvr that followers of Nordic traditions paid as a bride price. ]

The authors listed have, as far as I know, no knowledge whatsoever of the Oktogrammaton --- other than what they might, but probably haven't read on this site.

And yes, I realize that none of those books are of any actual help, in using the Oktogrammaton Table.

Ex Liber, Scienta

Baslzargahde Micaolzo Etlarzi

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