Description of Voodoun Loa

1: Dangbe Supreme divinity
2: Dambala Wedo Wisest, powerful, symbol of serpent
3: Agwe Queen of Heaven and Earth, symbolized by Erzulie's Boat.
4: Papa Legba "Opens the Gate" during rites.
5: Xango God of War
6: Rada Loa Solar Deities
7: Ezili L Belle Venus
8: Legba As intermediary between deities and the practioner.
9: Lisa Dahomey Moon Goddess
10: Zaka ( Papa Azzaca ) Guardian and protector of Agriculture
11: Bade God of the Wind
12: Loco Attiso healer, porotector against hostile spirits.
14: Ezili Freda - Goddess of Beauty
15: Ogun Badagis Voice of Thunder
20: Erzulie Goddess of Home and Purity
21: Ogun Feraille God of Politics
23: Agew Taroyo - Protector of the Gods
Hu God of the Sea
24: Baron Samedi Keeper of the Cemetery
Brigitte Authority of Ceremonial Rites when the corpse is female
Guede Spirit of the Dead
26: Prefect Duffant As the Devil
Loco God of the Forests
31: Gu ( Ogu ) Blacksmith of the Loa
Zo God of Fire, Protector of Fires
32 Guede Spirits Watchers over the Dead
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