The Oktogrammaton

This website provides a brief description of the Oktogrammaton. This is a magickal tool used to evoke to physical possession of entities such as those described in The Lesser Key of Solomon, The Greater Key of Solomon and similar grimoires.

Any usage of propoganda / information / disinformation / misinformation / facts / fictions / myths / legends / lies / truths / whatever found on this website, that is used by you, that results in any benefit, or damage, regardless of the extent of such benefit or damage, is your fault. Your responsibility.

Caveat Emptor

Those who meddle with things not of this realm, deserve what they get.

The classes and studies of the O.:S.:M.: are designed for small groups and individual private instruction. The classes emphasize physical and mental application in your use of the forces of AIR-FIRE-WATER-EARTH. This system can be traced back beyond the Greek and Sumerian cultures and found throughout the literature and religions of Western Thought.

Our philosphy is that man is still in a state of natural evolution, unlike most animals and plants whose cycle has been completed. natural methods are available to promote consciousness and health for evolution, survival and growth.

Your body is your temple

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